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Olive Trees For Sale

Mediterranean Olive Trees for Sale at Tulare Olive Trees

Mediterranean olive trees are native to the Mediterranean Basin. These tough trees have been cultivated for centuries and are an important part of the Mediterranean diet. 


The olives that we enjoy eating are the fruit of the olive tree. The tree itself is a beautiful sight, with its gnarled trunk and silvery-green leaves. It can live for hundreds of years, and some specimens are thought to be over a thousand years old!


Mediterranean olive trees are very hardy and can withstand periods of drought. They are also resistant to many diseases and pests. This makes them relatively easy to care for, and they don’t require a lot of chemicals or other inputs.


Olive trees can be grown in many different types of soil, from sandy to clay. They are also tolerant of salty conditions, which makes them ideal for coastal areas. 


Mediterranean olive trees are an important part of the Mediterranean landscape and culture. They provide us with delicious olives, oil, and wood. But their value goes beyond that. These tough and beautiful trees are a symbol of the Mediterranean way of life – a life that is resilient, flavorful, and healthy.


If you are looking for olive trees for sale, check out Tulare Olive Trees. Tulare Olive Trees is California's rehoming specialist for Mediterranean Olive Trees. We have olive trees for sale that are sustainably sourced from our Central Valley home orchard and range between 40-200 years old. Each gracious specimen is field grown, boxed and ready for planting.


So if you are looking for olive trees for sale, look no further than Tulare Olive Trees.

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